Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Back to School Party with the Gobles and Neighbors

On Saturday, August 5th, we went over to the Goble's house for a back to school party with them and their neighbors. They did an awesome job setting up an area in the common green space behind their house and they fixed a ton of pulled pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, and macaroni. Neighbors also brought food, so there was plenty for everyone and we took home quite a bit of Ryan's pulled pork afterwards. 

Paige, Graydon, and Millie Mae had fun on the inflatable slide before everyone arrived. The inflatable was a huge hit and somehow nobody died on it, although it was quite a wild crowd of kids once everyone showed up. Paige had fun playing football with the boys, and even more fun after some college girls joined in. The girls took on the boys in some football and it was pretty competitive. 

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