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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Ping Pong Cutting Board


The kids have been playing ping pong again lately. Paige has gotten good and is pretty competitive with Andrea and with me, but Connor's gotten too good and it's usually not fun to play with him. We found a way to even things out lately though. We were being silly after he beat us badly and told him he had to use a toy frying pan instead of a paddle. That didn't work at all, but we found a toy cutting board from the kitchen set and he's been using that.

What's crazy is that he's gotten surprisingly good with it as well. He can't really hit a backhand with it, but he swaps hands and hits lefty with it if I put it on his left side. Recently we've been playing together before bed and I can only beat him half the time. We play best 2 of 3 games and tonight I beat him just barely. He's won 2 nights and I've won 2, but I have a feeling he's going to start winning them all soon as he just keeps getting more comfortable with the silly cutting board wooden paddle situation.

I took a few videos when Connor first started using the cutting board and I should probably get another video as he's gotten so much better with it.

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