Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Connor's First Day on the Job - Tennis Club


Connor's had two days of training this past week and on Saturday afternoon he worked his first shift at work on his own. Connor has been planning to apply for a job somewhere at the end of the summer and had been looking around for a little while. Initially he'd considered working at Panera Bread with a couple friends, but decided to ask Coach Josh if there were any openings. Connor took lessons with Coach Josh, the head pro at our neighborhood tennis club, in the past and we all know him pretty well. Connor's timing turned out to be perfect and after a brief interview he was trained up and started working.

The job is perfect for a highschooler and we hope he makes the most of it and appreciates it. Connor has to check people in for the gym and help out with any tennis purchases and tennis questions. At closing time he has to do some light cleaning and lock up. It's a fairly quiet office job and he's even able to do homework while he's working and watch a TV in the lobby. 

Andrea stopped by on Connor's first day at work to snap some pictures of him.

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