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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, August 10, 2023

First Day of School 2023 - Connor 11th Grade & Paige 8th Grade


Today was the first day of school for the 2023 school year. Connor's a Junior now and Paige is in 8th grade. It's our last year of middle school and hopefully we'll survive the early mornings. Thankfully Paige is a morning person and she set her alarm for 5:30 so she had plenty of time to get ready. Andrea set her alarm for 6:20 so we would have time to see Paige before she got on the bus. When Andrea opened the bedroom door, Paige was standing there all ready to go and gave her a big hug. She's like a ray of sunshine in the mornings.

Connor's school day starts late as he has online courses and college courses with dual enrollment. He didn't have to be to school until after 11, so it was a chill morning for him. He'll have a morning online class eventually before school starts, which hasn't officially started yet, so for now he gets to sleep in extra. 

They both had good days at school, although they both complained that they don't have classes with a lot of the good friends they've made over the years. Hopefully they'll still get to see their friends outside of classes at lunch or after school. We're sure they'll make some new friends too this year. 

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