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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Connor is home!

Connor came home today!

Chloe, our puppy dog, met him for the first time and has been very good around him. She really doesn't know what to think about him yet, but she's been very curious around him and thankfully has been very calm as well.

WARNING!! Circumcision and poop discussed below!!

This morning, just as his circumcision was getting underway he decided to fight back a little and almost managed to pee on everyone. Our doctor told us a stream of pee almost blasted her and she had to jump out of the way. I'm told he actually didn't even mess the table he was on, all of it shot clear to the floor. Well, he was supposed to be discharged only after he peed again following the circumcision, but since he clearly had gone right before the circumcision they allowed him to go home.

Around 8:00 tonight we were settling down for the night and were starting to get worried that he still hadn't urinated since his operation. We checked his diaper again and since he still hadn't done his business we decided to call the hospital. Just as Andrea got a nurse on the line Connor started working his arms and legs around and I clearly heard him poop. He'd been pretty gassy earlier, so when I told Andrea, she told the nurse: "He just farted." I said: "No, I'm sure he pooped." We checked his diaper while we were on the phone and sure enough there was a good amount of poop. The nurse said to call back if he still hadn't urinated by morning, and we got ready to change our first messy diaper at home.

When we put him down on the changing table we opened up Connor's diaper to asses the situation and he decided that was a good time for some more poop. We closed it back up and Andrea decided we should wait and be totally sure he was done before we got started. I had some unpacking to do so I left Andrea alone with baby after I asked whether she had everything under control. A few minutes later she came and said she needed some help. I was pretty shocked with how disgusting our baby was when I got into the room. Apparently we hadn't closed off his diaper very well since we did our visual inspection and he had poop half way up his back and all over his clothes. Connor was totally naked now and screaming. His whole body was turning red he was so angry. I started wiping his back down and thankfully Andrea was holding him face down because he decided to fight us off with his secret weapon. Pee.

It would have been upsetting if it wasn't for three reasons. First, we were really wanting him to pee since it had been a long time since he'd gone last. Secondly, because Andrea was holding him in such a way that it all went onto the changing pad. Third, because the sight of a poop covered baby peeing all over the place is just so disgusting it's funny. It's the kind of thing you see in movies or something. We just laughed. He is the cutest poop covered baby I've ever seen.

Well, that's more than enough for now, here are some more pictures of Connor from today:


Erin McAuley said...

Super cute! Great picture and thank you for sharing. JJ, Olive, and I send our best. We can't wait to see you and Conner.

Stephanie said...

This may be one of the funniest stories I have ever read. Nathaniel and I both laughed outloud. We can only hope that we have such wonderful poop and pee stories to blog about.
Stephanie and Nathaniel

kim farbota said...

Congratulations!!! That is an absolutely beautfiul baby, keep the pictures/ stories coming :) I love reading your posts, I can hear exactly how your voice would sound if you were telling them in person. So glad to hear everything went smoothely, and so excited for you guys! Lots of love!

HP said...

Wow...I wanted a baby of my own...but not now. -HP