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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Early morning update...

Connor got his first bath late last night. He baked under a heating lamp for a half hour or so and his skin got pink all over. When the nurse started sponging him down he got furious. He tried to fight her off, arched his back and screamed his head off. His skin flushed bright pink during the bath, he got so angry he could hardly stand it. The nurse finished the bath my shampooing him. He had cried a bit earlier in the day when anyone would mess with his little hat and I thought maybe he didn’t like his head touched, but the shampooing was a whole different story. He quit crying right away, and really enjoyed himself as the nurse rubbed his head and then brushed it clean.

He had a little snack before bed last night and we finally all settled down around 1:30 or so. Amanda and Nathan brought me an air mattress, which saved me big time. No more sleeping on the horrible couch, I actually got a solid 4 hours of sleep and feel somewhat rested for the first time in a long time.

Andrea is sleeping still, she got some time to bond last night with baby Connor but she’s so exhausted she still doesn’t really feel like any of this is really real. She took a while to recover the use of her legs after the epidural. A nurse and I helped her into the shower last night before we switched rooms, and after the shower Andrea said that maybe she’d overdone it with trying to wash up so soon. She got a little dizzy, but once we got her into the new room she felt better. She did a great job yesterday pushing through the adversity and hurdles of the day. Her epidural was a horrible experience for her to get in, and even after it was in, it didn’t provide total pain relief like she’d expected. After a couple hours she was feeling the contractions again and was laboring through them. They upped the dose once, and that helped ease her discomfort for a couple hours, but the pain eventually came back. For quite a while before the pushing stage of labor she was hurting and asking for pain relief, but there wasn’t anything they could offer her at that point. If they upped the dose of her epidural it may have caused problems if they did a C-Section, so they just made her tough through it.

Andrea was pretty scared that the pain would be unbearable once she was required to start pushing, but that was actually the best pain relief of all. The nurse and doctor both were very impressed with Andrea’s pushing, and the actual delivery went much more quickly than I had imagined it would. I cut the umbilical cord after Connor was delivered, which is probably the hardest part, and I am pretty sure everyone was very impressed with how well I did it. I don’t want to take all the credit for the successful delivery, but I must say I handled those scissors very well and got the job done. I guess those arts and crafts classes in grade school really paid off after all.


Shawn Vernon said...

we're glad to see that Connor likes to be clean and have fresh hair. Andrea will always remember how she couldn't have handled it without your courage under pressure. hahaha. You brave souls. Granny Alice

Jennifer said...

Welcome to the world Connor Bishop!! Congratulations to you both. Annie it sounds like you were a wonderful sport, as always. It was so great to read through your day. We are thinking of you and excited to see the first pictures of little Connor - and even better to visit K.C. soon. We are currently snowed in under 1.5 of snow in Omaha. Take care of yourselves and hope you can get some sleep. We're thinking of you and smiling!! Love, Jen & Jimmy

grammy genie said...

Andrea and Shawn, I am so happy for you two. You have the absolutely most beautiful baby in the world. He is just perfect! And he is so lucky to have the two of you for parents. I am so very proud of both of you and all of your accomplishments. Life just doesn't get any better than this. I love you with all my heart. Thanks for my wonderful grandson. Love ya, Grandma Genie