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Monday, March 5, 2007

Quick video

This video is a little out of order chronologically, but we really like it. It's a video of the moment I came into the waiting room to announce that we had a boy. The video starts just after I say: "It's a boy!" Some quick things to notice:
1) Drew (our young nephew) was hoping for a boy and does a Tiger Woods fist pump.
2) Our families are loud. Dr. Morris, the doctor that delivered Connor, said that everyone on the nurse unit could hear our families screaming.
3) Towards the end of the video I said: "I'm the only one who voted for him on the blog". At the time of delivery the votes were 23% boy and 77% girl. Everyone voting on the poll now that Connor's been born are cheaters!


Ryan Clutter said...

Shawn/Andrea - I'm so happy for you all! Connor is super cute! Congratulations and let Nikki or me know if there is anything we can do to help!

Richard said...
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Richard said...

Yeah!!! Was a great moment! And your pee/poop story was very funny. It reminds us of your fountains when you were that size. Mom learned to put something over you when she opened your diapers. But, maybe that's too much info. Hard to imagine now..... Dad. Andrea was a real trouper. What a great Mom! Her instincts were good - to aim Connor properly. Ha Ha. Wishing you all the best. GM & GP V

Karen said...

Yeah! One more boy for the boys team!!! Second cousins Michael & Jon are happy...and Jon's son Charlie too! (Now would Connor and Charlie be 2nd cousins or 3rd cousins? I'm getting confused!). Shhh! Secret: boys are easier to raise than girls! LOL!!! So happy for you all!! He is beautiful!! Love ya! K,T,T,M,J,A,K,C

Clutron said...

Congratulations Shawn and Andrea. You have a VERY cute baby there! He is tall and skinny. Congrats again.