Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Friday, March 16, 2007

Professional Connor Pictures!!

We went to Moments and Memories Photography to get some pictures of our little baby boy and the photographer Jennifer Frechin did a great job.

For anyone that wants to order any photos, you will get 15% off if you order within the first week.

Jennifer's got a lot of experience shooting newborns and some of the pictures are priceless. Connor was a bit fussy at times, but Jennifer had a lot of tricks to make him relax. Unfortunately he relaxed a bit too much at one point and made a mess. Well, actually he made 2 messes. It's horribly dangerous shooting pictures of naked babies, but we think the results are fantastic.


Richard said...

we ordered 4. Look good.

The Mama said...

Oh Connor, you are so handsome! I love your professional pictures and can't wait to meet you on Monday!

Unknown said...

Amazing pictures!