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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Drew and Alli visit for the weekend

Andrew and Allison came to visit this weekend and spent Saturday night with us. Connor loves playing with them and they spent so much time riding around in his Jeep that the battery died. We played outside a lot and Saturday night we went to the Penguin park (in the northland, it has lots of big animals) and then got some snow cones.

Connor re-fell in love with his Jeep this weekend too. He'd really gotten the hang of driving it, so Daddy unscrewed the lever so it could go in fast mode. He does a pretty good job of driving it, but we're a little more nervous with him in it because it goes fairly quick now.

Driving with Drew:

Laughing at Uncle Nate:

Jump Nate!!!

Playing at the park:

Allison helping Connor on the slide:

Eating some snow cones:

Connor doing some fancy driving:

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