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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chuck E Cheese party with friends

Today, Connor and his two buddies Logan and Connor went to Chuck-E-Cheese for a friends party. It was our first time taking kids to Chuck-E-Cheese, so we started with a small group of only 3 little boys. We decided to try our little adventure on a Sunday, hoping that it would be a relatively quieter time of day than a Friday or Saturday.

It was nice that all the games were only one token. This video shows approximately how long each ride would hold the attention of a little boy.

Connor and Daddy liked the racing games. Daddy worked the pedals and Connor actually did a great job with most of the driving.

Connor R. and his Mommy April.

Connor and Logan playing together.

Logan playing with one of the games.

The little boys drank a ton of fruit punch before opening gifts. They really worked hard playing with all the games.

Paige was very entertained the entire time. She was a good baby as usual, and wanted to just get down and run around with the big kids.

The little boys had some pizza. Connor wasn't too thrilled with having to sit down and eat.
We had a pretty fun time. Mommy and Daddy ended up with a headache from the constant din of the music, entertainment, screeching children and games. It was a good time, but we definitely aren't planning to go back any time soon!

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