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Monday, February 21, 2011

Paige walking behind the Lightning McQueen car

Daddy dug out the Lightning McQueen car out of the basement and thought we'd let Paige give it a try. Connor had a great time learning to walk behind it as well as riding it, and we thought Paige was getting old enough to try it out. We set her up behind it and she figured it out instantly! It was amazing how it just clicked for her and she walked behind it without a hitch.

After she walked behind it for a few feet, Daddy grabbed his camera and took the video below. It's only her second time trying to walk with the car.

Connor came over after a while to see what was going on and definitely remembered the little car. He showed Paige all the switches and controls.

He also let Paige try to push him.

Possibly the best part of the car is riding it! Paige loved to get pushed and doubly loved it when big brother pushed her around.

Connor pushing Paige

What fun!

Connor got the Lightning McQueen car from Grandpa and Grandma Vernon on his first birthday and has grown up a lot since he's been playing with the car!

8-24-2008 (About 1 1/2 years old)

Connor today (almost 4!)

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