Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Connor's class picture

Last week, we received Connor's class picture and decided we'd post it. These are all the kids he spends time with at school. Of special note are Connor's two best buddies at school, Connor Rizek and Chase. They are, of course, on either side of him in the picture.

Mommy also went to meet with Ms Cindy, Connor's teacher (on the right). She had nothing but good things to say about Connor. She said that he always likes to sit right next to her in circle time and is starting to become more talkative and open up a bit more in class. Ms Cindy also said that Connor is a great listener and she hasn't had to get onto him one time the entire year.

Connor's got one more week of school and then it's summer break! We decided to enroll him in Oakhill's summer day camp. We are hoping he really likes it and makes new friends!

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