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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daytona Beach

After Disney, we drove to Daytona Beach for the rest of our trip. Shawn's grandparents graciously let us stay at their condo, which is awesome and right on the beach. We had lots of fun playing on the beach, at the pool, and going all around the Daytona Beach area.

At the beach, Paige was a.... challenge... to say the least. We tried to keep her "Nuk" (pacifier) in her mouth as much as possible so she wouldn't eat the sand. We also wanted her to keep her hat on so she wouldn't get too much sun on her face. As with everything on her head, she was violently opposed to the hat plan. Mommy argued with her for a while about it, but Paige "won" the argument by throwing her hat in the water, then pushing her face in to the sand while throwing a fit. There was sand in her eyes, nose, and mouth as well as saltwater. She shrieked and it took us a long time to wash it all away and to get it all off her face.

Playing in the waves with Daddy.

The four of us in the ocean. This is obviously after the hat incident. Paige's hair looks great here and notice her red eyes from the sand.
Connor was pretty awesome on the boogie board. He was the perfect weight for it. Paige loved watching him.

A short video of Connor riding a wave and wiping out.

Daddy liked to body surf too, but was a bit too heavy for the little shark board. It all ended when I was running in to the deeper water to catch a bigger wave. There were some small fish in the ankle deep water then I saw some bigger fish as the water got deeper. I don't care for fish in the water with me, but didn't think there would be any sharks in the waist deep water. Right as I saw a decent sized wave coming, I looked down to get a good hold on the board and saw two or three decent sized stingrays in the water with me. I'd gone swimming with larger ones in Grand Cayman, but something about coming upon stingrays not accustomed to humans and coming upon them unexpectedly freaked me out and it kind of ended my adventures in the deeper water.

Connor and Grandpa made a pretty cool sandcastle.

Both Grandpa Garry and Grandma Genie were great help with the kids. Paige really bonded with Grandpa and he was always able to get her to settle down and relax. She was definitely cutting some teeth during the trip and could be an emotional wreck at times.

We went to "Cowlicks", an ice cream store one night and Connor played some games with Daddy and Grandpa Garry.
We loved eating at "Aunt Catfish's". They serve delicious down home cooking and like everywhere in the south, they've got sweet tea and cornbread. We had to get a quick picture together with the big fake catfish on the pier.
We loved finishing up the trip in Daytona Beach. It was relaxing and lots of fun. Paige really became an independent walker on the trip. She wasn't able to really crawl most places we went and somewhere along the trip decided to just be a walker. Now, she walks everywhere and will hardly ever crawl.

We love you big girl!

Thanks again to Great Grandpa and Grandma Vernon for letting us use their great condo and thanks as well to Grandma and Grandpa Anders for being such great help on the trip and for being so much fun!

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