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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Disney - All Star Movies Resort

Last week we had our Disney vacation! It was a great trip, and I decided to break up the Disney portion of the vacation in to 3 posts: The Resort, The Magic Kingdom and Chef Mickey + Downtown Disney.

This post is all about our resort. We stayed at the All Star Movies resort, which had different areas devoted to different movies. There were areas for: Toy Story, 101 Dalmations, Herby the Love Bug, Fantasia, and Mighty Ducks. Andrea booked us in the Toy Story since that is one of our favorite Disney movies. There were a bunch of neat decorations in each area, and the ones in the Toy Story area were huge!

Can you see the girls?

There were some big checker pieces, and the kids loved jumping between them.

We really liked the decorations in the Dalmations area.

The pool, of course, was the best part. There was a small pool in the "Mighty Ducks" area, but the big pool by the Fantasia area was the biggest and best. Daddy and Connor had fun playing in the big jets of water from Mickey.

Paige loved the pool too, but it was a chore to keep her from drinking the water and squirming out of your hands. She had the most fun snacking with Mommy.

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