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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hospital Hill race

Today we got up early for the Hospital Hill race. Andrea ran the 10k and Shawn did the half marathon. It was an early wakeup for a Saturday, and Andrea's cousin Teresa was over at 6:00am to watch the kids. The race was downtown KC and the name hints at the course. It was hilly. And hot!

Andrea struggled mightily in the heat. She has been doing strength training lately and has logged some very impressive 6 mile times that were in the 53 minute range. Today wasn't her finest hour. She worked her booty off, but her official finish time was 58:42.

Shawn started off way too fast, taken by the excitement of the moment, and a little grossed out by the smells of all the people packed way too tight at the start line. Morning breath and Coffee breath... yuck.

I was running with the 1:45 pacer for a while and as I settled in to my pace I realized I was crazy for starting so fast. I slowed down and after a few miles the 1:50 pacer caught up. I briefly kept pace with them, but it was a rough course and I knew I'd be lucky to finish near my Oz time. With about 4 miles to go, the 1:55 pacer caught me and I was determined not to let him pass me. I struggled, but kept him at bay and eventually finished the race in 1:54:13. My official Oz time was 1:54:47. The Oz race was MUCH flatter and was on a cold day.

We had a great time, it was our first race together and we can't wait to run again!

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