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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kim and Jeremy's wedding in Elgin!

On June 18th, 2011 we went to the Elgin Country Club for Kim (Shawn's cousin) and Jeremy's big day. The wedding was out on the golf course and we were lucky to have great weather for it. The sun was mostly behind clouds and it wasn't too hot for those in their suits. We all watched the wedding party and bride arrive, then Daddy had to take Paige away from the area to prevent her from chattering and squealing throughout the ceremony.

The wedding was beautiful and was successful! Kim and Jeremy got married and then we got ready to go inside for the party. We got a few nice pictures of the family before going in.

Inside, we had yummy drinks from the full bar and the kids had fun running around the area. Paige made a lot of friends, stomping around the dance floor and talking to anyone who dared make eye contact with her. Mommy got a couple quick pictures with her guys.

Dinner and dancing progressed and Connor managed to meet up with his buddy Niko. Along with Paige, they were the only kids at the wedding. Connor was happy to take a quick pic with his new friend.

We rooted for Laura during the bouquet toss and Alex during the garter toss.

No luck for the Vernons... :(

After the cake was cut, we ate dessert and although Paige thought she wanted more food, she was apparently over stuffed. She barfed all over her pretty dress. We tried to wash her off in the bathroom sinks, and although she looked cleaned off, she still smelled a bit yucky and we gave in and changed her in to her backup outfit. It didn't much matter though, after a little longer she fell asleep.

Connor was as confused and confusing as he was at Lindsey's wedding. He seemed like he wanted to go dance, but once out on the dance floor he got pouty and wanted only to be held. Eventually he got tired and fell asleep on some chairs.

While the kids were passed out and the Grandparents had them under control, we took some silly pics in the photo booth.

We didn't get a picture with both Jeremy and Kim, but Andrea and I got a quick picture of Kim before the night was done.

It was a beautiful wedding and we loved seeing all the family together!

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I like your booth pictures.