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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Final Exterior House pictures

The exterior of our house is finished! This past week the painters finished the touch-up work on the outside and it's complete.

We're scheduled to close on the house this Thursday (June 21st) and we're going to be moving in the next day if everything goes as planned. The inside of the house is mostly done, and we did our walkthrough this last week on Thursday (June 14th). There are a bunch of minor things that need to be done: changing some lightbulbs, fixing a smoke detector, some undercabinet lighting, paint touchups, a light fixture, etc. None of it should prevent us from closing and at this point, even if it's not 100% complete, on our closing day we're planning to move in.

We are so excited lately we can't sleep! Hard to believe all the planning and work is coming together soon. It was around July 4th last year that we decided to move to Florida for sure and we've been in a state of transition ever since. We can't wait to settle in and unpack and relax. Lots of work ahead still, but we're so darn close.

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alice v said...

It looks so wonderful - you will be so happy here!