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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Neighborhood Summer Kickoff Party

The neighborhood where we're building our house had a carnival this weekend and we all went and had some fun. There were lots of activities and a lot of them were geared for families and kids, so it was perfect for Connor and Paige. 

There were a bunch of big blow up play areas and Connor really loved the slide and especially the obstacle course.
We've been watching a lot of Ninja Warrior together, so Connor called it the Ninja Warrior Obstacle course and must have gone through it fifty times.

There was a much smaller blow up house for little kids and Paige played in it quite a bit.

Paige rode in the little Ferris Wheel. It was a little disconcerting that they were caged like wild animals, but it was probably safe that way for Sissy.

Sissy's favorite part was definitely the train. It was a big hit and there was a pretty long line at first, but towards the end there was no wait. Paige rode it three times and would have ridden it more, but it started raining.

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