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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick move down

We are very excited that Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick have moved down to Florida! The last time they were down, they bought a lot and a floor plan very near to the house we're building. They put their house on the market shortly after and they sold it very quickly. Last Friday, June 8th, they started their drive down and on Saturday they arrived in Daytona Beach. 

For now, they're staying in the Daytona Beach condo and we've gotten together a few times with them. They will only be here for a few weeks before they go on a long European trip.

Their new house isn't really started yet, but it is planned to be done by the beginning of August. We hope everything goes smoothly for them and we're thrilled to have family nearby. Looking forwards to their new adventures this year!

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