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Monday, June 4, 2012

Sick Sissy

Sissy hasn't been feeling well lately. She's had strep throat a few times since March. This past week she had an infection of some kind in her mouth again, but it didn't test out as strep. We went to an ENT for an evaluation and he recommended we get her on antibiotics again even though it wasn't strep. The antibiotics are stronger this time around and they've given her loose stools.

She is pretty miserable. She doesn't want to eat anything most of the day which is very atypical for her. She doesn't even want to talk. Everything she ate over the weekend hurt her and she only would eat when her hunger pains hurt more than her mouth pains. I tried to get her to drink Pedialyte and a few other things, but the only thing that seemed to work was Carpi Sun. She was happy drinking those from time to time although they hurt too.

Mommy and Connor are in Missouri, so it's just been Daddy spending time with her. I've spoiled her quite a bit and we've been trying to get through it all together. She always wants me to hold her a lot lately and even when she's eating I'll hold her hand. She is in pain when she's sleeping too, so I let her sleep on a full sized mattress by my bed. She likes that, but hopefully will be OK with going back to her crib soon.

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