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Monday, June 25, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa with kids in Daytona

This past weekend was our big final move in to our new house. We knew the kids would love to help, but we also knew they'd be better off just about anywhere else than underfoot. Grandma and Grandpa Vernon are currently living nearby in Daytona Beach while their house is being built and this weekend they were very awesome about taking the kids. On Thursday night, after Grandpa and Grandma met with their inspector and builder at their neighborhood, they came by our rental house and took the kids back to Daytona Beach.

They did an amazing job planning out all kinds of activities and adventures for the children. On Friday, they took the kids to the Alligator farm and spent the day looking at the gators and playing at the "Kid Zone. After the Alligator farm, they went to the beach and swam. They even convinced Paige to go down in to the ocean water, which was something she's always been to scared to do with Mommy and Daddy.

On Saturday, they all went to a museum where they saw all kinds of art, bones, and hands on exhibits. There was a play area there and the kids had a great time again. Another busy day!

On Sunday, they all went to a nearby park and played until around noon.

Thanks again to Grandpa and Grandma for being such great Grandparents and spending the weekend with the kids. They had all kinds of neat things planned and had a very fun-filled agenda for the children. Connor and Paige both enjoyed their time in Daytona Beach and it was cute to hear Paige calling Grandpa "Hop-Pa". I could tell Connor was used to starting sentences with "Grandma" and "Grandpa" and he started one sentence with "Grandma, I mean Grandpa, I mean Daddy....".

We're looking forwards to their house getting done soon! We love you guys!


alice v said...

Connor and Paige were both excellent with us! We felt so lucky to be able to spend quality playtime with them and observe their different personalities bloom.

Richard said...

It was fun, especially watching Connor dive into the waves while at the beach. And Paige running up with that big smile and wrapping her arms around your leg - what a cutie. But, it was very tiring. We're not use to little children for long time. And when Paige would look up with her arms outstretched and say "Up, up, up...", well how could I resist, even when my shoulders were complaining a bit. Connor was a very good big brother, even most of the time when Paige would tease him, which she took great delight in doing with big grins on her face that would turn very sorrowful when caught. Oh my.