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Friday, June 21, 2013

Bike riding breakthrough

Connor has been inconsistent about riding his bike. We've guessed at why he may not really enjoy it. Most sports and athletics come easily to him and I think he finds bikes very frustrating. I've tried a few times to get him going on his bike and his balance had improved, but I'd been inconsistent with keeping him going on the bike. It's not something I looked forwards to because Connor never wanted to do it and typically would complain the entire time.

Mommy decided that enough was enough and with summer here she really worked with Connor lately. He has improved immensely and last night was his best bike riding performance to date. He was able to go on a fairly decently long bike ride with Mommy down the street for about a half mile and back. He also rode his bike around with some of the neighbor kids.

For the first time he seemed almost comfortable going down the driveway and over the bump to the street and he is doing well with the balance. The most dangerous part is still turning around. His turns usually go way wide and he isn't good about using his brakes. Last night he did have one fairly hard fall and ended up with a skinned elbow. Overall though, he's doing awesome and you can see him getting better every time he gets on the bike.

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Richard said...

Gee - they are both doing very well. Won't be long and you'll all be riding over here to visit.