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Sunday, July 7, 2013

7-7-2013 Block party - Ribs and Shrimp

On Saturday night we went to the East side of the neighborhood for a Ribs and Shrimp Block party. The neighbors in a cul-de-sac hosted a bunch of people and everyone brought some food to eat, then we visited, watched the kids play, and once it got dark they shot some fireworks.

We'd been to it last year, so Andrea thought to charge the Powerwheel Jeeps and we brought them along. The first half of the party the kids all spent time jumping between Powerwheels and driving them around the cul-de-sac. 

Eventually all the vehicles ran out of juice and the children had to resort to human powered toys.

Once it got dark, our neighbor Aaron shot some of the biggest fireworks we've seen owned by a private individual. They were so big that after the first set was done we moved way back since they were very loud and we were getting pelted by little bits of the fireworks packaging when the fireworks burst (nothing on fire, just little bits of cardboard mostly).

Someone brought a bunch of glow-sticks and 4th of July costume jewelry. Connor loved it all and ended up with a bunch of it. It was actually pretty nice that he had it all since it was easy to spot him once it got dark.

We stayed out pretty late (past 10) and we were glad that we insisted both kids take a nap earlier in the day. Before we went to the block party Connor had complained that he didn't want to go, but when it was time to go home he told us he didn't want to leave. The kids had a bunch of fun with everyone.

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