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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gobles Arrive for their visit

On Thursday, Ryan, Amanda, and Graydon flew in from KC to visit us. We’ve been looking forwards to their visit for a long time and we were happy that it worked out this time around. They were supposed to come down earlier this year, but had to reschedule because Graydon wasn’t feeling good.

On Thursday and Friday we mostly stayed pretty local and did things around the house and neighborhood. Graydon’s really enjoyed the play room with all the different toys and games. Connor has been a very sweet big cousin and has gotten out his train track, car track, and all kinds of toys for Graydon to play with.

Graydon thought it was very funny to put his feet up on the train table, and Paige decided she would too.

The pool’s definitely been something he’s enjoyed, although the pool is a bit cold still. We warmed up the hot tub, but he’s still been very happy to jump in the cold water too.

On Friday night, Andrea and Amanda went out for Gina’s birthday, and I snapped a couple pictures before they left since they both looked so cute.

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