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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ziplining and Adult night out in Orlando

This weekend, Andrea and I went to Orlando to have some fun and celebrate Andrea's upcoming birthday. Andrea's been wanting to do ziplining again for a long time, but either the cruises we've been on didn't have the excursion available, or we've always had the kids with us and weren't able to do it. Andrea found a place called "Zip Orlando" that had good reviews and we gave it a try. They had 8 zip lines in the course and 3 shaky bridges.

There were two lines where you could go together. On the first one we raced. I got distracted by trying to film it and forgot how to stay straight (you have to twist your line) so I ended up spinning a bit in the video.

On the last line, we went together and it was close enough so we could hold hands. I thought the picture was pretty darn cute.

After ziplining, we went to the Disney Boardwalk to do a little exploring and to eat dinner. It was pretty busy out and we had to wait a while for a table, but it was nice to shop while we waited and the area was beautiful, especially at night.

We had an awesome weekend together and I'm glad we were able to go! Happy early birthday to Andrea!

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