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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gobles visit, part 2

After Disney, we were ready to max and relax with the Gobles for the rest of their visit. On Sunday, we played around the house for the most part. We did a bit of swimming in the pool, and warmed up the hot tub again. That is probably Graydon’s favorite thing to do. He splashed around for a while and we all squeezed in to the hot tub together.

In the evening, I made a fire out front and we cooked some hot dogs for dinner. The kids played with the neighbor kids and Graydon played with our Cozy Coupe and some of our other outside toys.

On Monday, our kids went back to school, and we went to lunch with the Gobles at Tijuana Flats. The Gobles went shopping for a little while at the outlet malls and we played around the house in the evening.

Tuesday was their last day and Andrea got up very early to take them to the airport. They had a good flight home and made it safe and sound.

We had a good visit with them and we’re so happy they came to Florida to spend time with us!

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