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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paige posing, coloring, and princess story time

Paige is feeling much better after her surgery. It's been a long recovery period, but we've pretty much made it now. She's done with pain meds and is mostly back to normal. She's been talking with a weird nasally baby voice recently. We're not sure if it's some kind of a side effect of the surgery, but we're thinking it's just a bad habit. Recently she also will go in to Mommy's closet to try on jewelry and high heels.

Andrea got Paige some neat coloring sheets for being such a good girl. Paige loves coloring the big princess pages.

Paige is still in to her princesses. We have pretty elaborate stories lately. Usually one of the princesses isn't behaving and Paige likes the story to ruthlessly punish the princess and make her miserable. For instance, Elsa will cut in line for makeovers and the for the rest of the story she has horrible things happen to her as a result.

I took a short video of us during the story. I love Paige's idea of how romantic her ideas are.

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