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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Simeon and Olivia

During the winter break, Connor got to have Simeon over for a sleepover. Simeon is one of Connor's best friends from school and they were in the same classroom in 1st and now 2nd grade. Simeon's one of the best behaved kids and he was very fun to have over. He was a good listener and at bedtime when Andrea went up to check on them, they had both already brushed their teeth and they were relaxing on the couch with stuffed animals watching the Ohio State and Alabama bowl game. I took a picture of them together smiling and then we had to take a pouty picture because Ohio State was losing. 

Fortunately for Simeon, who is a big fan of Ohio State, Ohio State caught back up and won!

Paige's friend Olivia came over during the week too for a short visit. They did a fashion show in Paige's room and made a huge mess of all of Paige's dresses.

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