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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Paige's Biography project - Princess Diana

Paige had a big project for school recently and she got it done well over a week early. The kids were required to pick a person and read a biography book about them, and then fill out a worksheet and then recreate the person using a 2 liter bottle.

Paige picked Princess Diana, which posed a few challenges for us with our project. We had a 2 liter bottle, used a tennis ball for the head, and one of the crowns Paige got from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but had to figure out a way to do the skin, hair, and dress. We had a Cabbage Patch dress that fit, but it just wasn't quite fancy enough for Princess Diana.

We first went to Target and got some stockings to use as skin, and when we stretched about 6 or 7 over the ball and 2 liter, it did a pretty good job of covering everything and made a nice shape. We went to the craft store next and got yarn for the hair, googly eyes, a doll dress, and stuffing. The dress came with gloves, which we stuffed and clipped to the dress. Paige had a furry cape from one of her toys, which covered the fact that the dress didn't fit perfectly, and covered the lack of actual arms. Paige cut all the hair, drew and cut the lips, and helped put it together. Overall, we think it turned out pretty nicely and Paige was happy with it, which is the important part.

Paige was excited to bring it to school, and we're proud of her for being such a motivated student!

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