Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Flu shots

Paige has been freaked out for a while about getting flu shots and it's really been bothering her any time it's come up. Finally we decided to go and when we broke the news to her she was very upset as we expected. We all went as a family to the doctor's office and Paige pouted the entire time in the waiting room. When we were called back we decided to let Paige choose the order and of course she wanted to go last. Connor volunteered to go first and was super brave about it and said it didn't even hurt at all.

When it was Paige's turn she ran in to the corner and refused to budge. Andrea gave her a pep talk and calmed her down and then Paige agreed to go ahead with it in Andrea's lap. She sat still and was a big girl about it and admitted afterwards that it barely hurt at all. All of our arms ached for a few days, but we were all brave and got it done!

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