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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Shawn's 40th birthday

I turned 40 this past Monday. I honestly can't believe I'm 40, it doesn't feel like it, but according to the calendar it's true. The Thursday before my birthday we got family pictures done and afterwards we celebrated my birthday with a nice French dinner at JJ's Bistro.

On Friday, Grandpa came to get the kids after they were done with school and Andrea and I drove to Georgia for a weekend at the Sea Island resort. It was our first time there and it was fun to explore the area and try the restaurants. We did two hours of tennis on Saturday morning and Sunday morning and spent the rest of our days biking around, watching football, and relaxing together. The weather had just turned cool and breezy, so we enjoyed the hot chocolate and snacks that they supplied daily.

On Monday morning, which was my actual birthday, we at a late breakfast and then drove back home so we could make it to a doctor's appointment for Andrea. After Andrea's appointment, we met everyone at Nona Blue for a birthday dinner and although I wouldn't let everyone sing for me, I did enjoy a yummy banana dessert and made a wish on the candle. 

It is a bit of a struggle for me to feel old, but Andrea and everyone have been so sweet to me, making my weekend special and making me feel better. Looking forwards to the next chapter in my life and feeling blessed for all the wonderful people around me. Love you guys!

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