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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Donna Half Marathon

On Sunday morning I participated in the Donna race to help cure breast cancer. The Donna race has been going for over a dozen years now and we always hear about it, but we have never been out to watch it or participate. During the Superbowl, Gina mentioned it and I decided right then to sign up. It is a meaningful year for us to go out and it was a nice opportunity to support Mayo and a local charity that benefits women going through the same kind of things Andrea experienced this past year. I ran, of course, for Andrea and although it was by far the slowest I've run a race I did finish with a time of 2:22. It was not an impressive time, but I didn't train at all for it and I was determined not to walk. It was a neat race atmosphere and I was happy to see my family rooting for me at the finish line.

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