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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Orlando visit - Hyatt Grand Cypress resort

On Friday, Andrea and I went to Orlando for a weekend away together. We ate at Uno's on the way in and once we got to the hotel we decided to just stay in for the evening since it was super cold and windy on Friday. Saturday was much nicer and we went to Disney Springs to walk around and we ate lunch at the House of Blues (good nachos, flatbread and bread pudding!).

In the afternoon we went back to the hotel and rented some bikes. It was a little breezy, but it was nice and cool, perfect biking weather. We rode a tandem bike around the property for a while, which was difficult to get used to.

Eventually we switched to regular bikes and rode around until we were pretty exhausted. In the evening we ate at the bar area in the hotel and watched as a wedding party got ready for a reception in the lobby area. We watched some Netflix (Black Mirror and Cheer), and mostly just had a nice relaxing weekend!

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