Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

First day of school 2020 - Connor in 8th grade and Paige in 5th grade - remote learning

Monday, 8/31/2020, was the first day of school for Connor and Paige. Connor started 8th grade and Paige is starting 5th grade. We've committed to doing the first quarter remotely with the kids enrolled through their same schools. They both loved their first days and so far they're off to a great start. Connor liked that he didn't have to get up as early to catch the bus and he enjoyed seeing some of his friends that were in class through the teacher's webcam. Paige loved her teachers and her first art assignment she drew on her computer.


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Richard said...

Handsome dude and beautiful lady.
Hope the remote learning works well for them. I believe it will, as smart as they are.