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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Sea Island with kids - Labor Day


For Labor Day we went to Sea Island in Georgia with the kids. Andrea and I have been twice and it was the first time to bring Connor and Paige with us. The weather was pretty warm and the resort was more crowded than in our previous visits, but it was still not too bad. 

On Friday night, September 4th, we had dinner at Rainbow Island. The dinner was kind of like a buffet, but due to the COVID pandemic they had staff serving and handing out the food. We tried all kinds of yummy stuff Southern cooking. Andrea and I loved the Mexican street corn and the pulled pork and brisket was amazing.

On Saturday we had lunch by the pool and then we went to the beach for our Hobie sailing guided tour. We learned some sailing techniques and sailed North for about 30 minutes before turning around and sailing back. We saw a bunch of jellyfish and dolphins and we learned quite a bit about the area from our guide Ben.

Andrea and I played an hour of tennis each morning at 10am, and the rest of the weekend we spent mostly at the beach and pool. The waves were pretty intense and we saw a waterspout tornado near the beach. We ended up getting a little wet a few times, but overall the weather was pretty cooperative for our visit.

We went out to the Lodge twice during our visit. Once to see the bagpiper for dinner and once for lunch on the way out of town. We discussed our favorite foods at the Lodge and I wrote them down so we'd remember.

Andrea favorites: Pretzel and tomato caprese, Banana gooey cake. Least favorite: brocolini 

Paige favorites: Tomato caprese and Banana pudding. Least favorite: bacon cheese muffin

Connor favorites: sliced chicken “pork” and the Pretzel. Least favorite: pimento cheese biscuit 

Shawn favorites: Mint chocolate chip ice cream and Brocolini with meat loaf. Least favorite: tomato caprese

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Richard said...

Wow. That's looked really fun. Liked the guided boat ride. You guys are all so cute. The foods sounded delicious.