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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Summer Memories 2020

The summer break has come to an end this past week and it was definitely an odd one with the Coronavirus pandemic, but we adapted and made it as good as we could. We didn't do a lot of the vacations and fun things we'd planned to, but we did fit in some fun family activities and we went on some local trips and did our best to stay safe and healthy.

Like last year (, we asked the kids to write down the things they enjoyed and remembered from the summer break and Andrea took videos of them reading their lists and talking about the summer.

Paige's Summer Memories


  • I enjoyed riding some good waves at surf camp

  • Tennis camp was fun because I could hangout with friends

  • It was fun learning how to play golf at golf camp 

  • I liked making new friends at all of the camps

  • I loved bonding with Possum at camp G&G

  • It was the best to cuddle Rex

  • At camp G&G I enjoyed seeing Pepe


  • I Enjoyed swimming in the ocean with the family

  • At the house I liked playing board games

  • It was fun to “teach” Graydon how to boogie board

  • I liked swimming and playing in the pool

  • I LOVED making smores 

  • At watercolor I enjoyed going on bike rides

  • It was the best to play pickleball 


  • I enjoyed the milkshakes

  • Swimming was fun with Charlie, Owen, and Connor

  • It was fun winning a tennis tournament 

  • I LOVED the mac’n’cheese 

  • It was the best to “relax” in the lazy river

  • I liked looking at the stuffed animals in the hotel store

  • I liked doing the golf clinic


  • I enjoyed Shrimping

  • Kayaking was fun 

  • It was fun helping pull in the fishing net while shrimping 

  • I liked learning about the history of Amelia Island

  • I loved taking walks on the beach

Connor summer memories 2020


  • Catching my first wave while standing up

  • Being able to see pepe for the first time

  • Hitting my first 100 yard drive

  • Walking the dogs and doing on different piers

  • Getting stung by jellyfish for the first time

  • Being able to meet new friends while golfing

  • Improving at surfing, golf and tennis


  • Swimming with family and playing alligator in the pool

  • Kayaking with uncle Nate

  • Going on the bike trails

  • Watching old videos with the whole family

  • Wrestling and beating up Graydon

  • Going to the beach

  • Playing pickleball with family

Four Seasons

  • Playing monkey in the middle with the Neil boys

  • Drinking their yummy milkshakes

  • Winning a medal at my tournament 

  • Playing and trying new and fun pool games

  • Doing a golf lesson with the family

  • Trying new restaurants 

  • Playing hide n seek tag with the Neils

Amelia Island

  • Catching and touching shrimp

  • Seeing dolphins 

  • Trying to kayak by myself

  • Being able to see wildlife in the rivers

  • Seeing people's lives living in boats

  • Seeing a large machine going to pick up a boat

  • Seeing one of the biggest amazon boxes factories 


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Richard said...

Very nice. Memories to cherish. They will look back at these and be reminded of events long not thought about. Good to recall.