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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Millie Mae at Five Months

Millie Mae is 5 months old at this point. She is a smart cookie and has learned a lot of things, but still isn't completely trained on her puppy pad. Other than that, she's has a fun personality, is sweet and affectionate, loves to be around us, and is definitely a part of the family. Millie Mae's been growing pretty fast and has started losing her baby teeth, although she still has the long sharp canines on the top.

Connor's been cute with her lately and likes to hang out with her and checks on her multiple times throughout the day when he is home for school. Millie is pretty fond of him too and Connor is funny about making a sound like a crying puppy dog, which seems to trigger Millie's defensive instincts. Millie's usually pretty careful about putting her teeth on you, but if I'm roughing up Connor she goes in to defensive mode and will get pretty aggressive. I sacrificed my arms to get a quick video of it the other day, Millie scratched me up in a few spots while she was defending her brother bear.

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