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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Paige's 11th Birthday party - Top Golf with friends


On Paige's birthday, which was a Friday, we celebrated at Top Golf with some of her friends. Emily, Cailyn, Zoey, Payton, and Abby all came by the house after school and they played with Millie and ping pong until it was time to go. Andrea packed them all in our SUV and drove them up to Top Golf. 

The girls had fun for the first part of the party and for a while were able to use both of the bays until the boys arrived. I came with Connor and his friend Charlie after Connor's tennis match finished up. Everyone had fun eating, hitting golf balls, and goofing off. We snapped some pics, but it was a bit chaotic and I realized that Charlie is only in the background of two pictures. 

Andrea picked up a couple dozen cupcakes from Cinotti's bakery and we need to make a mental note that the chocolate always seems to be the favorite. No candles or singing this year due to COVID precautions, but we were thankful we got to celebrate this year with friends and everyone wanted to stay longer after our reservation expired.



Happy birthday Paigie May! Can't believe you're already 11!

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