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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Weekend chilling without Andrea

Andrea left on Wednesday, so it was just me with the kids and puppy through Sunday morning. We mostly just did our normal school and work schedule. I went with my parents to lunch on Wednesday and then Connor wasn't that busy so he went to school with me on Thursday and Friday. On the weekend we decided to do some shopping for Andrea for Mother's Day on Saturday. Since Paige and I hadn't had much time together, we had a Daddy/Daughter day. We went to Nektar for a fruit bowl and then we went to Town Center to find some gifts for Andrea. We didn't find anything good, but thankfully we found a couple things for her at our beach club on the way home.

In the afternoon we went over to Grandpa and Grandma's house and it was a very exciting visit because it was Millie Mae's first time at their house. Making it extra crazy was the fact that Grandma was pet-sitting the three dogs that the kids have enjoyed spending time with over the years: Gizmo, Colt and Gemma. Millie was super overwhelmed when we arrived. All five of the other dogs were outside and were going crazy. I decided to put Millie down outside in the yard and she immediately ran away and tried to hide. The other dogs swarmed her and poor Millie just shut down and went to "turtle mode" with her head down and completely submissive. Eventually the other dogs got over their initial craziness and we were able to enjoy our time out in the yard with them. It was Millie's first time outdoors without a leash and she enjoyed running around with the kids.

Grandma Alice cooked some beef, rice, and asparagus for dinner and then we went on a short walk before heading home. It was a fun visit and Millie was exhausted from all the activity and needed a nap when we got home.

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