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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Gobles Move to Florida

The Gobles arrived in Florida on Monday this past week. Their drive took them a couple of days and thankfully they had good weather and a safe drive down. Ryan drove a huge Penske truck and was also towing their car, so it was quite the test of his driving. They arrived on Monday evening and parked the big truck in our neighborhood's Amenity Center parking lot overnight. The next morning Ryan and Amanda took the truck to their house and met with their builder. They were supposed to close on the house Tuesday and take possession, but there was one final issue with a shower that held things up and they had to wait until Wednesday to wrap everything up. 

Andrea took care of Graydon and Griffin on Monday and we decided to let Paige skip school to hang out as well. They watched Andrea's team play tennis in the neighborhood, went to the park, drove around in the golf cart, went to lunch at Barbara Jeans and played outside. Amanda and Ryan closed on the house and unloaded the moving truck with the help of some local neighbor boys they hired. Amanda came back to our house in the evening and Ryan ended up coming to stay the night as well. In the morning on Wednesday the Gobles all left and they've been working on the house and getting unpacked ever since. Andrea and Paige went by on Friday afternoon to help, and the Gobles did some shopping for furniture, although it will be a while until it's all delivered so their place is fairly empty at the moment.

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