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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Paige's Tennis Camp - ML & Connor's Summer School


Paige was a bit bored when she got home from Camp Pinnacle and was a bit down in the dumps at first because she was used to such an exciting and active time at camp. She got a few days to chill and this past week Andrea signed her up for a golf, tennis, and swim camp. The first day I took her on the golf cart and I snapped a pic with Paige and her pupper dog, but it turned out that there was no golf this week and it was just a tennis camp. There were a few kids Paige's age, but most of the kids actually tend to be quite a bit younger. Paige liked to be the big kid at camp and there were a bunch of cute little girls that adore Paige and loved hanging out with her at the pool. On the last day of camp, Andrea took a picture of Paige with her little buddies before camp started.

Connor's not doing any camp this week as he's busy with summer school. Connor started a high school level Florida Virtual flex Chemistry course at the beginning of summer and actually completed a bit of it before he went to Camp Pinnacle. This past week he started his dual enrollment Sociology course through St. Johns River College. So far he's done well with it and still has a lot of time to relax and goof off to enjoy his summer.

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