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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Millie's "Friend" Cleo

Our friend Kathleen had been looking for a new dog recently and originally was planning to get a Schnoodle from the same place where we got Millie Mae. After seeing Millie and thinking it over she decided to switch to a Havapoo and a few months ago she brought home their new puppy Cleo. We've been hoping to get together with them some time before Cleo got too big, and on Friday evening Kathleen and Cleo came over to play. We were hoping that Millie would have fun with her. Millie Mae's a bit of a chicken around other dogs and gets very shy and hides. When we went to the wedding in Chicago Millie stayed with the Gobles and after a few days she warmed up to Sophie and they played a little together. 

When Cleo arrived on Friday, she ran in to the Family room and Millie was very interested and liked to sniff her and seemed a little excited at first. Unfortunately as soon as Cleo tried to play with her, Millie got scared and hid under a chair and looked very upset. She ran away from Cleo most of the time and tried to get up high on the chairs and couch so she could keep her distance. Millie embarrassed us and just doesn't know how to have fun with dogs. Hopefully she'll get better as she gets older, but so far she isn't much of a dog lover.

Regardless of Millie's attitude, the rest of us had fun playing with the puppy and we thought Cleo was adorable.


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