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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Swimming With Millie Mae

Millie Mae enjoys swimming in the summertime and this year she's had a lot of pool time. We've been keeping her hair short this summer so it doesn't get matted when she gets wet often and we've almost gone swimming every day with her. I like to jump in the pool after workouts and some days we just swim for 20 minutes or so, but other days we swim for quite a bit longer. 

Millie's favorite person to swim with is Paige. Paige likes to swim with goggles and every time she goes underwater, Millie will get excited and swim over to find her. Paige had a scratch on her face from Camp Pinnacle and unfortunately Millie's nails were a bit long and she accidentally scratched it open while it was healing. Hopefully that doesn't make it scar! After that incident I dremeled Millie's nails and she just got groomed yesterday so her hair and nails are all short. 

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