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Monday, July 25, 2022

Steve and Haley's Wedding in Chicago

We flew to Chicago on Thursday for Steve and Haley's wedding, which was on Saturday. On Thursday night we went to Sharon and Leo's house for pizza and to visit with family. The Farbotas had rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday, so we only got to see their group on Thursday prior to the wedding. We met the Vernon family and Uncle Scott at McAlister's Deli for lunch on Friday and then went to hang out at the park until Uncle Rog and Aunt Wendy had family over in the evening for dinner. We played darts, pool, mini cornhole, and games with everyone until the evening. 

Saturday, we slept in a little and Paige and I worked out, and then we went to lunch again at McAlister's Deli. We ironed our clothes and got dressed, then went to the hotel lobby to wait for the bus which took us to the winery.

We stayed inside for as long as we could prior to the ceremony. It was supposed to be 93 in the late afternoon, but thankfully after the rain in the morning it was a little cooler. It still got in to the mid to upper 80's and I was sweating my butt off in my suit sitting in the sun, but it was much more bearable than 93. 

There weren't any cameras allowed at the ceremony, so we will have to wait until the professional photographs are finished before adding any pics of the bride and groom. One memorable moment during the wedding was when a drone was hovering overhead. It was supposed to be high enough to be inaudible, but it was pretty loud and sounded a bit like a weed whacker. We were trying our best to ignore it, and were somewhat successful until the drone ran in to a tree just behind our seats and made quite the ruckus. Thankfully it didn't crash, but I was worried it was going to drop on our heads.

After the ceremony, we had a cocktail hour and then toasted the new couple and had dinner. The kids sat together at a table near us, and Andrea and I sat with Erin, JJ, Kim, Jeremy, Chris, and Abby. Alex, Laura, and Charlie sat with Brynn, Andy, and Ethan. Connor chatted with Charlie during the meal and Paige eventually decided to move tables to hang out with her baby cousin as well.

After dinner we enjoyed desserts and dancing until it was time for bed. Grandpa and Grandma drove us back to the hotel which was nice, so we didn't have to wait on the bus.

Overall, it was an awesome weekend to catch up with family that we haven't seen in a long time, and we were relieved that we were able to attend after I'd tested positive for COVID after our Iceland trip and was worried I wouldn't be testing negative in time for the wedding. It was awesome that it all worked out and we were all able to be together for Steve and Haley's big day. The kids hadn't seen the extended family in a couple years, Andrea hadn't seen many of them for over three years, and it was the first time that our entire family had been together since Charlie was born. Congrats to Steve and Haley!

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Richard said...

It was a nice wedding and a great opportunity for our family to come together. You took some great pictures Shawn.