Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Paige's Weeks at Thompson's Surf School

Paige did three weeks of surfing with Thompson's Surf School this summer. Connor was busy with summer school and wasn't interested this year, so it was just Paige. Camp was Monday through Thursdays, started at 9:00am in Jax Beach and we picked her up at noon. It was a good time of day for camp since it seemed to rain quite often in the afternoons, but the weather cooperated in the mornings. Paige made some good buddies this year at camp and it sounds like she improved quite a bit as well. 

On her last day of camp, on the day I took pictures, she was doing pretty well and looked comfortable out there. She even surfed in while holding hands with one of her friends. We're happy that Paige had so much fun enjoying the beach and staying busy and active over the summer. On the last full week of summer, Andrea actually considered canceling Paige's spot at camp since she figured Paige might like a relaxing week at home, but Paige insisted she wanted to go.

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