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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, August 22, 2022

Sleepover with Graydon and Griffin

This past Saturday we had the Goble boys over for a sleepover. It's the first time we've had them both overnight without their parents and while we were a bit nervous about it, we had a lot of fun with them and it was a different experience to have them on our own.

Saturday afternoon we went swimming for a while and intended to spend a lot of time outside, but as has happened almost every day lately, we had some thunderstorms roll in. Before it rained we played some basketball, got a nice pic of Millie leaping in the pool and enjoyed watching Griffin swim and dunk his head underwater. 

After the storms passed us by, Andrea and I took Griffin out on the golf cart for a ride. He loved it, but it eventually lulled him to sleep. Andrea had to fight with him a bit to keep him awake so he wouldn't mess up his sleep schedule. After we got him home we put him in his PJ's and brushed his teeth. Before bed we were watching some tennis and Griffin actually loved it and would clap along when the crowd reacted to a good point. Eventually, Andrea put him to bed in the master bedroom and we laid with him until he fell asleep. It took him about thirty minutes, and you could definitely tell he was fighting it, but eventually he dozed off.

Griffin stayed asleep all night and Andrea slept with him and woke up with him in the morning. Griffin was up early on Sunday around 5:30. After I woke up around 7, I took over and I took him out to play. Griffin had a waffle for breakfast, and then we did some "cooking" in the bonus room, played ping pong with Millie, played with stuffed animals, and eventually I decided to take him out for another golf cart ride. He fell asleep on the golf cart ride and I didn't bother trying to keep him awake.

In the afternoon we met Amanda and Ryan at Cantina Louie for lunch and that was the end of our special weekend with the boys. After it was over with, Andrea and I talked and realized we hadn't done much or spent much one on one time with Graydon. After swimming on Saturday, I did a Nerf Dart war with Graydon, Connor, and Paige. Otherwise, it was Paige that mostly played with Graydon and kept him entertained and occupied. Graydon liked playing "The Sims" and Paige was cute about helping him set up a character and a household. We decided that next time we have them over we'll have to do something special with Graydon, we were definitely a bit preoccupied and focused on keeping Griffin safe.

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