Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, November 27, 2022

University of South Carolina Campus Tour


The weekend before Thanksgiving we drove to Columbia, South Carolina, so we could tour the University of South Carolina. We drove in on Sunday, did a little walking around town before it got dark and went out for dinner. We spent the night in a hotel near the campus, and early on Monday morning we went to the visitor center to start our tour. The university did a great job organizing the tour and making sure we knew where we were going and making us feel welcome. 

The tour was well done for the most part, although it was hard for us to focus at times because we were surprisingly cold. We knew it would be a cooler day, but we were freezing cold and if we didn't stand in a ray of sunlight at some of our stops, it would be unbearable. 

Overall the tour was fun and informative. Connor liked the campus and after the tour he said he liked it more than FSU. Paige still liked FSU better. I took some notes on my phone, which are below. 

Toured main campus at 8:30 and Engineering at noon. 

Overall thoughts

- Liked the cozy and compact feel of the campus although it was large

- Buildings were less maintained and well kept

- Dorm options were nicer at SC. Suite style and apartment style options. Some old style where one bathroom on the floor, but those are being phased out. 

- Freshman village are under construction opens in 2023

- Location of engineering school was nice and close

- Lots of engineering options

- Capstone program - 2 year program and automatically applied for it

- Study abroad opportunities- May semester options

27,000 total students


42,000+ Applied

6,500+ Enrolled

4.1-4.7 High School GPA

Nonresident Admits

1250-1400 SAT

28-32 ACT

SC Resident Admits

1100-1300 SAT

21-29 ACT

Test score ranges only include students who chose to have scores considered in admissions process.

Application Requirements 

* Completed application

    *   Select two majors

    *   Self-report senior year coursework

    *   Complete college essay and activities section

    *  Uploaded unofficial high school transcript

*  $65 nonrefundable application fee or valid fee waiver for eligible students

* School report form (completed by high school counselor)

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