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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Connor's 16th Birthday and Driver's License

This past Thursday was Connor's 16th birthday. Thankfully for Connor, Andrea had planned everything out perfectly so he'd have his permit the required amount of time, the driver's education class was complete, the driving lessons complete, and the driver's test was done. All we had to do on his birthday was drive to the DMV to fill out the final forms and pick up the license. I drove with Connor to Nektar for his favorite smoothie and then he drove us to the DMV. Thankfully the wait was short and since we had everything completed it was an easy and smooth process. 

Although Connor didn't get to keep his car at school that day, he's driven to school by himself the rest of the week. Sophomores don't have parking spots at the school, however a lot of them park at Davis park nearby and walk. Andrea learned that there are some spots available at a nearby church parking lot and had filled everything out and paid for the spot there, so Connor's walk isn't quite so far. He's a lucky guy that his mom's set everything up for him so he's ready to go on his birthday! 

Having a birthday on a Thursday isn't the most ideal timing, and as he had a tennis match that day, we didn't get to take many pics other than at the DMV and at home with the balloons and gifts. The other pics were taken on Sunday with his car and license.

Happy birthday Connor! We love you!

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