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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Connor's Varsity Tennis Match vs Stanton

Connor's team played against Stanton on Tuesday evening. Andrea and I went to watch him play, and he had a close match against a boy that he'd played five years ago during a tennis tournament in our neighborhood ( Connor's lost a bit of confidence in his serve and backhand recently, so it was a bit painful seeing him struggle at times on some balls that typically would be routine. He was determined to win on Tuesday, especially since the boy he was playing was a bit of a cheater and would call a lot of balls out that were definitely not out. It was a close first set which went to a tie-breaker, but Connor destroyed him in the tie-breaker and then dominated the second set. We were happy to see him win, especially because Connor was definitely trying his best and was trying to work through some technique issues at the same time.

Andrea got a cute picture of the boys watching some of the other matches, and it's hilarious to see the size discrepancy between Connor and Hunter.

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