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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Paige and Sadie Gainesville Tennis Tournament

When Connor and I were in New York, Andrea and Paige went to Gainesville for the weekend so Paige could play in a tennis tournament and to also get to know the town a little better. Paige mentioned to her friend Sadie about the tournament and her friend also signed up for singles and they decided it would be fun to sign up for doubles together too. Not many tournaments have a doubles option, so it was a good opportunity and a good use of their time since they were there together anyways. 

The University of Florida Women's Tennis Team had a match on Friday evening and the girls got to watch part of it when they got in town. 

On Saturday, Paige first played a very young and tiny girl. She won that match, but lost her second singles match. She played one doubles match on Saturday which they won. On Sunday, Paige had three matches and she won against her friend Sadie and also again against the small girl. Paige and Sadie lost their seconds doubles match on Sunday. Overall the girls had a nice visit to Gainesville and they also enjoyed hanging out with friends and eating McAlister's Deli.

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